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Artist Opportunities:

The River North Art District frequently receives requests from local businesses and organizations to showcase artwork by RiNo artists.
We welcome these opportunities!

As advocates for artists, we strongly encourage collaborators to fairly compensate artists for their time and effort toward these mutually beneficial projects. The River North Art District offers the following suggestions:

  • Pay the artist a percentage of the retail value of the art on display. A standard rate is 5 to 10% per month. For example if the total value of the art work being displayed is $5000, a stipend between $250 and $500 would be in order.
  • Host a reception for the artist to invite collectors and the community to view the artwork. This benefits all involved by expanding the audience for the artist, and increasing sales for the business/host. 
  • Purchase artwork. 

Hosts/venues can support the business of art while also promoting their own business. Stipends should be handled between the artist and the host. Please contact the host directly to work out the details.

In addition, artists receive numerous requests to donate work as fundraisers for charitable causes. These requests will be posted on this site only if the artist receives a percentage of the sale proceeds. These guidelines are in accordance with our Feed the RiNo campaign.

Thank you for supporting our artists and helping our neighborhood thrive! You can contact RiNo here with your listing.


RiNo locations looking to feature RiNo artists!

RiNo is growing and our members are as diverse as ever. The creative energy that is the heart and soul of RiNo is kept alive by members supporting local artists. Here are a couple new additions who are actively looking to team up with RiNo artists:

Visual Interest | 3444 Brighton Blvd | Denver 80216 | 303-861-8448 |

Park Burger | 2615 Walnut Street | Denver 80205 | 720-381-0126 |

Urban Luxe Real Estate | 3060 Larimer St. | Denver 80205 | 303-968-1699 |

Smirk | 3120-B Blake Street | Denver 80205 | 720-220-8428 |

Epic Ryde | 2823 Larimer St. | Denver 80205 | 303-416-4907 |



Click here for more information!

First Draft is seeking artists to create an indoor art wall/gallery at our new Taproom + Kitchen in RiNo. Submittals are due by midnight, May 22, 2015 to

Interior Wall space in 1309 26th St. in RiNo. Near the corner of Larimer St.



Processus now open!

Processus | 955, 24th St. (back of the Temple bldg) | Denver, CO 80205 |

Founded in 2014 by artists Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez, Processus, the institute for art and life, is a shared space for artists to think, make and collaborate. It includes a multi-use wood and sculpture shop, a darkroom, a clean space with a printmaking area and a tiny exhibition space.

Opened for members to start working February 1st, 2015. Memberships to use the space currently start at $100/ month. Call us to reserve your spot now!

For more information, please contact Viviane Le Courtois at 303 526 8064 or Christopher R. Perez at 303 653 4091, email, or visit