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Artist Opportunities:

The River North Art District frequently receives requests from local businesses and organizations to showcase artwork by RiNo artists.
We welcome these opportunities!

As advocates for artists, we strongly encourage collaborators to fairly compensate artists for their time and effort toward these mutually beneficial projects. The River North Art District offers the following suggestions:

  • Pay the artist a percentage of the retail value of the art on display. A standard rate is 5 to 10% per month. For example if the total value of the art work being displayed is $5000, a stipend between $250 and $500 would be in order.
  • Host a reception for the artist to invite collectors and the community to view the artwork. This benefits all involved by expanding the audience for the artist, and increasing sales for the business/host. 
  • Purchase artwork. 

Hosts/venues can support the business of art while also promoting their own business. Stipends should be handled between the artist and the host. Please contact the host directly to work out the details.

In addition, artists receive numerous requests to donate work as fundraisers for charitable causes. These requests will be posted on this site only if the artist receives a percentage of the sale proceeds. These guidelines are in accordance with our Feed the RiNo campaign.

Thank you for supporting our artists and helping our neighborhood thrive! You can contact RiNo here with your listing.


Do you create Dog art?

School of Dog is a small training studio and dog art gallery in RINO art district owned by canine psychologist, Brett Endes. Brett would like to feature local dog related artists and photographers to display / sell their works in the dual purpose space.

If you are interested, contact with contact info / portfolio and I will get back to you ASAP.
Brett Endes
School of Dog
Behavior & Training Studio
3310 Brighton Boulevard
Denver, CO 80216



The Governor's Mansion looking for holiday decor!

My name is Karen Bozik and I've been an artist in the Denver area for over twenty years.  During the last four, I have been the Designer/Director of the holiday decor at the Colorado Governor's Residence. 

This year, I'd like to showcase local arts districts by inviting them to decorate a tree for inside the mansion.  This can be approached from a number of different ways--however you'd like to have the River North Arts District represented--small works by RiNo artists, etc...sculpture at the base of the tree, etc.. Our trees are 7' high..

We are not asking for donations and all work is the property of the artists.  The work cannot carry price tags, but you are welcome to display any promotional materials and contact information that you wish.  The holiday season is our busiest time of the year, with private evetns and public tours--so, you do get a lot of exposure.  We also receive quite a bit of press.

The installation is Nov. 13th-21st.  You can bring work in at any time during those 9 days.  Break down is the first week of January.


Karen Bozik, Director/Designer, holiday decor at the Colorado Governor's Residence   720-240-8601


NxLevel for Creatives

Get $75 off this 11-week business planning course!

NxLevel for Creatives is an intensitve 11-week business planning course that addresses questions every entrepreneur needs to answer before starting a new business venture. Designed specifically for right-brained thinkers, NxLevel for Creatives offers a fun, accessible way to map out your business success. LEARN MORE

Cost: $495, but RiNo District members will receive $75 off

Date/Time: Tuesday evenings, 6-9pm from 9/18 to 12/4



Studio mates wanted in RiNo!

Looking for two studio mates. I have a 2300 square foot studio space with a 300 square foot mezzanine,
fully equipped darkroom (historic photo processes); 10 feet of Delta photo sinks, Fume Hood, etc.
Perfect for workshops, personal work, gallery space, etc. It has a large North/Northeast facing window
and skylights and an ADT alarm system, Safari restaurant (African food and tea) right next-door, 5 minutes from city center, bus stop #48 RTD in front of the studio.

$500 per month for each artist.
Studio Q / Quinn Jacobson Photography
3519 Brighton Blvd. Suite G – Denver, Colorado 80216