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About RiNo

RiNo Art District 

Located just north of downtown, RiNo includes a remarkable concentration of creative businesses, including architects, art galleries, designers, furniture makers, illustrators, painters, media artists, photographers, sculptors and an array of studio spaces.

RiNo is bounded by I-70 to the North, I-25 to the West, Park Avenue West to the South, and Arapahoe Street to the East. While retaining its industrial roots, the RiNo neighborhood is now fertile ground for arts and artists. The River North Art District is dedicated to promoting and supporting the people and businesses that reside in the area.

The official nickname for the district is "RiNo," pronounced rhino! Created from the first two letters of the neighborhood River North. It's sticking!

RiNo is the trademarked name for the River North Art District. RiNo includes creative businesses in River North, Upper Larimer & Globeville. The RiNo Art District is a registered Non-Profit organization.

The River Art District is ‘where art is made.’ We are home to active studios, galleries and creative spaces featuring disciplines ranging from traditional to modern. We celebrate creativity and innovation, with emerging and established artists creating art, architecture and design in a district brought to life through the repurposing of a former industrial hub.

The RiNo Art District is the Registered Neighborhood Organization for the area.

Click here for our latest downloadable Field Guide!

Our Vision

In early 2014, neighborhood stakeholders, property owners and developer completed a visioning session for the district. Download the report here: RiNo Aligned: Next Steps for River North's Future

Boundaries & Area of Focus

RiNo is bounded by I-70 to the North, I-25 to the West, Park Avenue West to the South, and Arapahoe to the East. We do have some outlying locations that we do support. The RiNo Art District is made up of creative businesses in River North, Five Points, Globeville & Elryia/Swansea.

These are our general boundaries, we often post information on Next Door, click here for more information.

RiNo’s Organizational Purpose

The RiNo Art District is a community development and placemaking organization dedicated to fostering the commercial value, social value and personal value of the creative sector. With a focus on nurturing growth in the district through the development of a thriving creative culture, the organization’s intention is to provide leadership in the development of the district and foster growth while building community, providing jobs, promoting economic sustainability and ensuring RiNo remains a district where artists can create and thrive.


  • Build a stronger collective creative community
  • Accessibility – create a desirable area where people want to visit and engage
  • Awareness, recognition, promotion and education about the district
  • Ensure economic vitality and vibrancy, and promote job creation
  • Establish a permanent artistic element that fosters the growth of the district and ensure that remains at the core of the district

RiNo Art District Board Members:

Executive Committee
Tracy Weil – Board Chair
Rexford Brown – Secretary
Jonathan Kaplan – Treasurer

Lisa Heppner – Director
Hadley Hooper – Director

Crash Coordinator: Eva Zimmerman

The RiNo Art District is made up of the following committee structure:

RiNo Art District Urban Improvement Committee
Justin Croft – Zeppelin Development – Co Chair
Andrew Feinstein – Exdo Management – Co Chair
Jonathan Kaplan – Art District Liaison

RiNo Art District Membership Engagement Committee 
Marina Chotzinoff 
Norman Dillon
Frankie Bushell 

Heritage Focus Committee
RiNo Event Committee
RiNo Marketing Committee
RiNo Fundraising Committee

RiNo Signage and Wayfinding Committee

Video of the UCD College of Arts and Media Sculpture ProgramLIVE Iron Pour in RiNo. Special thanks to Zero Sun Pictures who created this amazing film documenting the event.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to see ‘Where Art Is Made' in Denver. We would like to thank the University of Colorado Denver College of Arts and Media Sculpture Program for the stunning live interactive Iron Pour at the Dry Ice Factory. Click here for our photo gallery!

Patrons, collectors and families got to experience the students and faculty from UCD's HOT Sculpture Program cast iron into ceramic shell and bonded sand molds. It’s was an incredibly visual artists demonstration. Guests also could create their own personal cast tile on site.

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